Custom Seed Mixes

Seed MixesSeed mix specifications are a key to the success of any restoration or native planting project. Cardno’s experience with designing seed mixes allows us to offer a range of solutions to meet our clients’ project needs. We have more than 350 seed species in production and more than 500 individual genotype-identified seed lots.

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Roadside and Department of Transportation (DOT) Custom Mixes

We provide native seed mixes specially designed for the harsh conditions associated with roadside plantings. Custom seed mixes are available for any DOT mix requirements, including:

  • INDOT Type D
  • IDOT Class 4 Native Grass
  • IDOT Class 4A Low Profile Native
  • IDOT Class 4B Wetland Grass & Sedge
  • IDOT Class 5 Forbs / Annual Mixture
  • IDOT Class 5A Large Flower Native Forb
  • IDOT Class 5B Wetland Forb



For clients seeking to optimize project outcomes and speed the establishment process, Cardno offers a unique ability to customize seed mix specifications using a software tool that we offer free of charge.

We begin with a site assessment, where our native plant specialists identify the natural attributes of a site, including soil moisture, type, and pH; sun exposure; and ecoregion to identify suitable plant materials. Our team then cross references these attributes through NativeSpec™, our proprietary native plant specification system. With NativeSpec™ our technicians create a customized seed mix and implementation plan for any type of native planting project.

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