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Creating a Native Landscape

The Mishawaka Medical Center is a $355

million, 658,000-square foot hospital spread

across a 90-acre campus in northern Indiana.

The innovative design was conceived, in

part, with a focus on staying environmentally-

conscious and providing a healing atmosphere

for patients, visitors, and providers.

The Cardno Native Plant Nursery contributed

to this bold, new design by providing native

plant material and seed for the upland

and wetland areas, including the Center’s

stormwater management system and as part

of the erosion control plan.

Walking the trails through the campus, the

prairie and wetlands are teeming with an

array of plants, insects, and wildlife, it is easy

to see how the natural landscape creates a

healing atmosphere.

Provide public education

Traditional aesthetic values focused on manicured landscapes may conflict with

sustainable and ecologically-sound landscapes. To help reduce the potential for such

conflicts, restoration projects can include an educational component on the benefits

of native landscapes and can serve as outdoor classrooms. Cardno can assist with

community outreach for urban native landscape and green infrastructure projects.

Achieve green building site design goals

Creating native landscapes is often part of a larger design context, in particular the US

Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating

system. Our team of professionals has extensive experience designing and installing

landscapes and stormwater systems that provide projects with key LEED credits.

Reduce operational costs and long-term maintenance

Once established, native plants require little to no use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides,

or pesticides, minimal watering and weeding, and less frequent mowing, than traditional

turf grass, reducing long-run maintenance costs.

Determine budget and resources

Most projects have limited access to funds, equipment, and other needed resources.

To help avoid delays and cost increases, determine the project budget early in the

process. In addition to materials and installation, funds are needed for maintenance after

installation. While native landscapes have lower long-term maintenance needs, they

need to be monitored and maintained during establishment, to ensure long-term success.

Mishawaka Medical Center,

St. Joseph Health System