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Custom seed collection

Cardno can custom-collect specific seed species or genotypes

to meet project requirements. Global positioning system (GPS)

technology may be used as part of the tracking detail provided.

After custom collection, we clean and test the seed to remove inert

material and contaminants, producing a purer and more productive

seed lot.

Consult with a Cardno team member

to determine seed

collection and custom growing options.

Quality assurance and control

To ensure clients receive the highest quality plants and seed, Cardno

has developed industry-leading standards for grading, cleaning,

testing, labeling seeds, and enhancing plant materials.

Pure Live Seed (PLS) tests

Cardno uses independent laboratories to conduct Pure Live Seed

(PLS) tests to determine the purity and viability for all of our native

seed. This industry measure describes the percentage of a seed

batch that will germinate. A PLS weight of 100% indicates that all

materials are anticipated to germinate. PLS provides a standard

quality assessment to allow customers to compare seed lots,

especially across price variations, of the same species. Based on the

PLS test results, we will increase the bulk quantity shipped to meet

the equivalent of 100% PLS weight.

Plant and seed amplification

When local genotype is important, Cardno can collect plants or seed

from a specific site to make additional plants or seed available.

Amplification is particularly useful for helping to conserve rare plant

species or species with limited availability.

Enhanced root systems

As a standard part of our growing process, Cardno uses a root

maximizer - mycorrhizal fungi - to promote the development of

a vigorous root system for all plants and seed. The symbiotic

relationship between the fungi mix and the roots increases the

plants’ resistance to disease, drought, and insect damage, and it

enhances the roots’ ability to capture nutrients. We apply the same

broad-spectrum inoculants to all seed blends to encourage more

vigorous growth.

Plant quality grading

Before Cardno ships any plant material, our shipping department

grades each item, using a scale of 1 to 5, with one being the

highest quality. The grading system checks the quality of stems,

foliage, and roots, and looks for any potential diseases or

pests. We automatically ship any grade 1 or 2 plants. Grade 3

plants are shipped if their grade is related to seasonal dormancy

or after consulting with the client. We do not ship any plants

graded 4 or 5.

Advantages of Native Vegetation