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Page Background Contract and custom growing

For the majority of native plant

species, Cardno provides contract and

custom growing services. We can also

propagate seed materials when local

genotype is important.

Cardno has provided contract growing

for numerous clients, including the

US Forest Service, US Army Corps

of Engineers, Ohio Department of

Transportation, Indiana Department of

Transportation, Indiana Department of

Natural Resources, and private clients.

Custom seed collection and cleaning

Restoration projects often require the

use of seed that can be verified as local

genotype seed. Cardno has selected

genotype specific seed in-stock and

can collect local genotype seed for your

project. For all seed, we use a customized

cleaning process to remove inert material

and contaminants, to produce a purer,

more productive seed lot.

Plant rescue and relocation

Development activities sometimes disturb

or destroy valuable, diverse ecosystems.

Cardno can assess an area and help

clients preserve plants that otherwise

might be destroyed. For example,

Cardno staff successfully transplanted

approximately 100,000 Dwarf Lake Iris



and 30,000 Houghton’s Goldenrod

(Solidago houghtonii)

to protect them from

impacts related to a pipeline expansion.

Our staff can relocate plant species within

an existing site or move them to an entirely

new planting site in other areas.


Restoration Services

In addition to Cardno’s full-service turn-key method of project delivery,

our staff can provide additional professional services, adding value to

our native plant materials and enhancing restoration projects.



Ecological restoration planning and design

Cardno has provided comprehensive ecological services to successfully restore habitat

and ecosystem functionality for thousands of projects across the country, including

developing and implementing large, complex, multi-million dollar restoration projects.

Our team of professionals address each site’s unique technical challenges, navigate

regulatory requirements, and handle critical administrative support of complex and basic

restoration and mitigation projects. Cardno’s integrated project management approach

fosters innovative solutions that get results and save clients time and money.

Natural area management

Our restoration management team creates effective, yet flexible maintenance and

management plans to support long-term project success. Using our extensive GPS/GIS

capabilities, our staff combines cutting-edge technology with site-specific ecological

and botanical knowledge to identify and quantify problem areas and potential threats

to site development, and track the progress of restoration efforts.

Stream restoration/stabilization

Stream restoration projects start with understanding current site conditions and

impairments. Cardno conducts ecological assessments, fluvial-geomorphology

characterization, reference reach surveys, and erosion inventory and evaluation to

understand the baseline state. We also perform in-depth aquatic species surveys,

with particular emphasis on endangered species identification. We perform channel

realignment, grade and bank stabilization, and aquatic habitat enhancement. We

develop design-build solutions and supervise construction.