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Bioengineering materials provide enhanced site stabilization to help control erosion and

stabilize streambanks, lake shores, and steep slopes. They are typically used on sites where

installation of plant material alone cannot achieve the desired results.

Bioengineering Materials

Pre-vegetated coir materials

Many of Cardno’s bioengineering solutions are pre-vegetated with

native plant species. They can also be vegetated with customized

plant species. Pre-vegetated materials have an immediate aesthetic

result along with enhanced performance. Because they are designed

to biodegrade as the plant material becomes established, use

bioengineering materials in conjunction with

native seed



for long-term results.

Cardno’s bioengineering materials perform best when integrated

into a full-service site restoration solution.

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learn more about how we can help you design, select, install, and

maintain one or more of these products as part of an ecological

restoration project.