Custom Seed Selection and Cleaning

Restoration projects often require the use of seed that can be verified as local genotype seed. Cardno has selected genotype specific seed in-stock and can collect local genotype seed for your project. For all seed, we use a customized cleaning process to remove inert material and contaminants, to produce a purer, more productive seed lot.

Custom seed collection is an option for restoration projects interested in retaining the specific plant species native to the specific location.  Seed collection can be on-going for revegetation efforts or in advance of construction.  The best results are produced when appropriate time to gather a broad range of species seed materials has been allocated. 

US Steel, Indiana  Seed from more then 40 wetland plant species and 60 species of Prairie Savannah plants have been collected from areas with restricted access, and used to revegetate other areas of the property.

Woodman Fen, Ohio  Over two years, Cardno collected 128 species of native plant seed from restricted areas of the property.  The cleaned seed was propagated into custom plugs and prepared for direct seeding on the site following extensive restoration of the Fen.

Indiana National Lakeshore  As part of the ongoing restoration of the lakeshore habitat, Cardno has provided seed collection services and subsequent propagation of the seed for the custom grow plug production of more than 30 species.

Shiawassee Wildlife Refuge, Michigan  Provided custom seed collection at various sites within the refuge over three years.  Seed from 149 native species was collected as part of the seed amplification and native revegetation program for the refuge.