Native Plant & Seed Material

Since 1994 the Cardno Native Plant Nursery has been cultivating native seed and growing and providing native plants throughout the Midwest. Our plants can be purchased in a variety of sizes and quantities, depending upon whether you are requesting standard materials or a custom order. We also have an extensive selection of wetland and prairie seed mixes.

Designing, installing, and maintaining any type of landscape can be a time and cost-intensive endeavor. Among the many benefits of native plants is their adaptation to local conditions in their region. While they may need initial assistance to become established, the environmental, economic, and aesthetic benefits they provide over the long run make them a worthwhile investment.

One of the key steps in a native planting project is to confirm that what you are installing is indeed native. Cardno takes specific steps to ensure that the seed and plants for a project are native to that area, based on ecoregion and genotype.

Another important step is to select plants according to the site's attributes. Understanding the plant zones and other conditions present on your site is imperative to accurately matching plant species to the environment and ensuring the conditions will allow the plants to thrive.

Cardno uses several external and internal quality control and verification measures to guarantee that the seed and plant materials we supply are of the highest quality possible, and that we can provide the highest volume of product that meets these rigorous standards.

Native Plants