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The Monarch Prairie Kit- Create a Natural Place to Learn

If you have watched your students interact with nature, you know it can be an important and engaging experience. With all that teachers are asked to do for their students, providing such an experience may seem like an overwhelming task. Cardno Native Plant Nursery has teamed up with an experienced environmental science teacher to create the Monarch Prairie, a simple kit with the plants, tools, instructions and lessons to help teachers grow and utilize a native plant prairie on school grounds. This prairie will not only beautify the school landscape, it can become the foundation for a variety of engaging lessons in math, language arts, science, history, art and more. Contact the nursery staff for more information: 574-586-2412.

How to provide your students with a Monarch Prairie

To get started, read “9 Steps to Growing your Monarch Prairie Kit”. Growing a Monarch Prairie is not complicated, but it is helpful to have an overview of the process.

What's in the Kit?
Funding, Planning and Planting your Monarch Prairie
Learning in the Monarch Prairie