• Seed

    Cardno has both standard and custom seed mixes that provide a key part of the success of any restoration or native planting project.
  • Plants

    Cardno’s more than 350 native plant species are available in a variety of options to quickly create native habitats and stabilize project sites.
  • Trees & Shrubs

    Cardno has more than 50 species of Midwestern genotype bare-root trees and shrubs available for installation.
  • Erosion Control

    Cardno’s wide selection of bioengineering materials is used by the Cardno Services Team to help control erosion on disturbed sites and stabilize streambanks, lakeshores, and steep slopes.
  • Inventory

    Download Cardno's current inventory of seed, plants, and trees and shrubs, updated on a regular basis.

Cardno Native Plant Nursery

The Cardno Native Plant Nursery has more than 350 species of native plant and seed in stock, in addition to genotype-specific seed. Our full-service native plant nursery, located in Walkerton, Indiana, can immediately provide native plant and seed material, from wetland and prairie seed mixes to the deep-rooted native plants critical for shoreline stabilization and erosion control. Our team can also perform contract growing or create a custom seed mix for your next native landscape project.  We also provide natural coir bioengineering materials  that can be prevegetated with appropriate native species  to help advance ecological restoration and stabilization work.
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News & Events

New Addition to the Nursery Sales Team

Jan 12, 2018

Mary Wojcik has recently joined the sales team as the lead Inside Sales Representative at Cardno Native Plant Nursery. She has 10 years of experience with native plant propagation, and a B.S. in Horticulture and Marketing from Purdue University. Mary is knowledgeable in plant identification and habitat maintenance practices. She has also participated in several native habitat restoration projects, including restoration planting, water sampling, invasive species removal and disaster clean-up. Mary provides informational presentations to a number of local garden clubs and nature enthusiasts about the benefits of native plants and enhancing wildlife habitat.

Feel free to reach out to Mary via email at mary.wojcik@cardno.com or phone at 574.586.2412.

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    Featured Species

    Rattlesnake Master
    Eryngium yuccifolium
    - Rattlesnake Master

    Mesic Prairie Forb

    This is an attractive plant with clusters of unusual white to green, spiky, globe-shaped flowerheads from midsummer to early fall. Growing 3' to 5' tall, it has waxy bluish or grayish-green foliage that is stiff and strap-like and reminiscent of yucca plant. The common name comes from folk-lore that stated tea made from its roots could treat rattlesnake bites. It prefers full sunlight and medium soils.