Shoreline & Dune Restoration

For more than 25 years Cardno has provided native materials and technical support for shoreline stabilization and restoration projects, including dunes, lakes, rivers and streams. To stabilize areas prone to erosion, native plants provide an advantage. Once established, their deep-root systems help to control erosion while they support ecosystem restoration.

Based on our years of consulting and nursery experience, we offer the erosion control techniques and native plants needed to stabilize shorelines for most conditions. The Native Plant Nursery offers more than 355 native species, which can be provided as seed or any size plant to accommodate your project budget and plans. While the vegetation is becoming established, various bioengineering solutions hold soil or sand in place, including:

Dune Restoration A healthy dune plant community is mix of native grasses, forbs, and subshrubs. Dune restoration efforts have shown that native species will recolonize degraded dunes and restore the natural ecosystem processes. Dune Grass or American Beach Grass (Ammophila breviligulata) is native to the East Coast and Great Lakes region. It is a pioneer species adapted to dynamic coastal dunes systems, where it is the major foredune building and stabilization plant species due to its deep root system and ability to thrive in high winds and shifting sands.

The Cardno Native Plant Nursery has bareroot Dune Grass (Ammophila breviligulata). In 2013, we shipped more than 1 million bareroot plants, with large quantities delivered to New York and New Jersey to support Hurricane Sandy restoration work. Over the winter months we accept pre-orders for delivery beginning in April. The plants are packaged in bundles of 100, and can be shipped in palletized crates directly to the installation site or to your facility for temporary storage. Bulk discounts are available.
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