Invasive Species Control & Management

All too often projects fail due to lack of proper--or any--maintenance.  To help support a project’s long-term success, Cardno creates robust yet flexible maintenance and management plans. 

To compare project success against specifications, we perform formal vegetation monitoring using scientific sampling procedures. Our team provides regular maintenance over a three to five year period, which greatly improves project success. It helps to control invasive and exotic species, ensure optimal water levels are present, and quickly identify other management actions necessary for vegetation establishment and success.

Regular site inspection and monitoring by Cardno staff throughout the growing season allows us to gauge native plant density and composition, and provide a rapid response to undesirable weeds, herbivore predation, or lack of adequate moisture

Water control and temporary irrigation is sometimes necessary during periods of drought, and especially during the first growing season. Cardno staff monitor site conditions to ensure sufficient hydration is present.

Overseeding and supplemental planting can help a project become established more quickly. By the second growing season after installation, Cardno staff can determine if overseeding or supplemental planting is needed, and provide the appropriate services.

Cardno's trained specialists are skilled at various forms of exotic and invasive plant species control, treatment, and removal. To create and restore native plant ecosystems, the Cardno team can provide the following services: 


Prescribed Burning

Prescribed burning reduces the number of woody species, enhances the health of herbaceous species, and clears away thatch, allowing for new growth in the spring. Cardno has certified burn managers who are involved in all facets of a prescribed burn, including preparing the burn plan, obtaining permits, notifying the public, preparing the site, igniting the fire, controlling the burn, and documenting the entire process.


Selective Herbicide Application

Selective herbicide application controls many perennial weed species in uplands and wetlands. We ensure that chemical selection, rates, and application methods are appropriate and safely applied with minimal off-target damage. Cardno is certified and licensed to perform herbicide applications in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin.


Woody Shrub Removal

Woody shrub removal is used for sites with trees and shrubs that provide insufficient fuel for prescribed fire and where canopy shading has suppressed the ground layer vegetation. Removal can be by hand saws, forestry mowers, or other equipment, depending on site conditions and ecological sensitivity. Selected herbicides are normally used to prevent re-sprouting.



Mowing can suppress non-native plants during the initial stages after seeding without negatively impacting natives. Because native plants concentrate their early energy toward expanding their root systems, mowing is an effective maintenance tool in the first few seasons to control weeds. Timely mowing keeps weeds from reseeding and allows sunlight to reach the soil line where the newly seeded natives are establishing.