Construction Oversight

Cardno provides construction oversight services to ensure that clients receive quality installation services and diligent post-installation site management. We also help clients make certain that the work is done according to all permit requirements.

On every project, the Cardno team takes great care to ensure that contractors carefully handle and install plant materials, and properly use installation equipment. Our ecologists directly oversee contractor operations so that our clients, which include municipal officials, developers, utility providers, and landowners, have confidence that a project is implemented according to the design and specifications and will become successfully established.

For large-scale construction projects such as linear pipeline or transportation corridors, Cardno provides on-demand permit compliance monitoring to expedite compliance issues and keep projects on schedule and budget. 

We use GPS/GIS technology to provide the most accurate and current information on site conditions. Our offices have staff ready to go out to the field and quickly review and assess situations--and produce effective solutions.

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