Vegetated Coir Logs

Vegetated coir logs are biodegradable coconut coir pith logs tightly packed in tubular netting. They are highly effective in reducing water velocity at the base of slopes, shorelines, and stream banks. They are used for controlling dry slope erosion and establishing wetland edges and stream channel banks.

Vegetated coir logs are available either vegetated or unvegetated, in a variety of sizes. They are grown on a contract basis. For vegetated coir logs, as the native species establish their root systems, the coir logs biodegrade over several years, allowing a native shoreline to develop. Upon request, Cardno can provide pre-vegetated coir logs with specific plant species.

Vegetated coir logs were used in our Mishawaka Riverwalk project:


Logs Before and After


As part of our award-winning Mishawaka Riverwalk project, Cardno installed more than 5,000 linear feet of coir fiber logs in summer 2007 and spring 2008. The project received a U.S. EPA Conservation and Native Landscaping Award in 2009.

Cardno’s bioengineering materials perform best when integrated into a full-service site restoration solution. Contact Cardno to learn more about how we can help you design, select, install, and maintain one or more of these products as part of an ecological restoration project.