Erosion Control Blankets

Erosion control blankets provide significant surface area coverage for stabilizing slopes, stream banks, and wetland edges. Available in straw, straw and coconut coir, coconut coir, and wood fiber, with natural and poly netting, the blankets protect large seeded areas from herbivores and help maintain hydration levels for seed germination and young plant growth. Seeded plants grow through the blanket's weave and become established before the blanket decomposes.

Blankets can be used on their own or with other bio-engineering tools such as live stakes and fascines. Erosion control blankets are your best insurance against erosion on a newly constructed site. 

For specification details and information on installation and purchase, contact the nursery staff.

Erosion control blankets are used in many of our projects, including the Pheasant Branch Creek project in Middleton, Wisconsin:

Erosion Control Blankets Before and After

For a design-build project along a severely eroded section of Pheasant Branch Creek, Cardno stabilized the base of the slope and seeded and planted the remainder of the slope with native species and stabilized it using erosion control blankets. The final design also used re-used woody material removed from other parts of the conservancy area to protect the eroding streambank and enhance the aquatic habitat.

Cardno bioengineering materials perform best when integrated into a full-service site restoration solution. Contact Cardno Services Team to learn more about how we can help you design, select, install, and maintain one or more of these products as part of an ecological restoration project.