Erosion Control

Erosion Control

Cardno has completed miles of shoreline stabilization projects using bioengineering techniques. Our custom solutions accommodate various slope ratings, channel speeds, and biodegradability requirements. Based on our years of experience, we identify the best combination of properly designed erosion control techniques and native plants to stabilize shorelines for most stream and lake conditions.

When determining the best solutions to address stream bank erosion problems, when appropriate Cardno uses the Rosgen stream classification system to develop a general understanding of a stream's condition. This technique helps the team estimate how the stream might behave under different design and engineering scenarios.

To stabilize shorelines, stream banks, steep slopes, and other areas prone to erosion, Cardno uses native plants. Their deep-root systems help to control erosion over the long term. While the vegetation is becoming established, Cardno employs various bioengineering solutions to hold soil in place, including:

Cardno has the expertise to select, install, and maintain these materials as part of a full-service restoration application.

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