Lupinus perennis production field

Native Know-how: March Timeline 2

Mar 13, 2018

Once you have determined your objectives for your native landscape project (see previous Native Know-how post), your next step is to assess the site conditions. Many native plants can do well under a variety of conditions and nursery staff can help you select plants that are tolerant to varied conditions, but knowing your site’s soil, hydrology, topography and solar exposure will help you select the plants that make your project a success. In addition to these site conditions, there are other considerations that will factor in to your project planning.

What vegetation already exists on or around your site? Will invasive species require additional site preparation measures? What does the existing vegetation tell you about soil fertility and hydrology?

Does the site have sensitive natural or cultural resources that must be protected? Planning for this protection may include permitting and compliance requirements.

Can the site be accessed with all of the equipment needed to install and maintain the project?

Cardno can perform detailed site assessment and create custom recommendations for your project.