Lupinus perennis production field

Native Know-how: March Timeline

Mar 13, 2018
Are you planning a native landscape project this year? Snow may still be in the forecast but it won’t be long before you will need to assess the site conditions to select the right plants and the right strategy for your site. Before you do that, it is important to determine your project objectives. Are you restoring a wetland? Managing stormwater? Increasing wildlife habitat? Managing nutrient loading? Mitigating habitat impacts? Enhancing natural beauty? Providing public education? Receiving LEED credits? Reducing operational costs and long-term maintenance? Perhaps the project has multiple objectives.

By establishing clear objectives, you can insure that your site preparation and plant selection will achieve the results you are looking for. Cardno’s staff can help you select the plants to match your site and objectives. You can also input your site conditions into Native Browser, Cardno’s online plant database tool, to help you select the plants for your site.