Lupinus perennis production field

Submerged Aquatic Plant Production

Jan 06, 2017

As we enter into the depths of winter and the new year, it is fairly tranquil on the production grounds.  The houses have been emptied and cleaned awaiting the rush of spring transplanting, and the holding areas are snow covered and quiet.  As most of the greenhouses sit cold and resting, there is one hoop house that is being kept at a balmy 45 degrees Fahrenheit and “humming” in preparation for the growing season. 

This is our newly committed Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) greenhouse.  Submerged Aquatic plants are those that live at or below the water surface.  These plants can prove to be fundamental in any aquatic restoration effort in that they provide important habitat for juvenile fish, invertebrates, and food for waterfowl.  They can reduce turbidity along shorelines, cycle nutrients to help prevent algae blooms, and aid in settling suspended sediments.

The nursery started production of submerged aquatic plants in the spring of 2015 and production was amplified throughout 2016.  We currently house 74 operating SAV tanks with plans to add 18-20 more tanks in 2017.  Each different species is separated into a reserved block of indoor tanks to avoid cross-contamination of species, to allow control of nutrients, and also to keep out invasive weeds and organisms.

We have six species available for purchase while we continuously experiment with new species each season:

  • Brasenia schreberi, Water Shield
  • Elodea canadensis, Common Waterweed
  • Potamogeton natans, Common Pondweed
  • Potamogeton nodosus, Long-Leaved Pondweed
  • Potamogeton pectinatus, Sago Pondweed
  • Vallisneria americana, Eelgrass

Aquatic Tanks
Common Pondweed (Potamogeton natans) growing in a controlled SAV tank.

Of the submerged aquatic species, some of the more popular have been from the genus Potamogeton, or pondweed.  Most pondweed species spread vegetatively by rhizomes and enjoy quiet or slow moving water.  They grow with both submerged and floating leaves and are particularly lovely to look at!

Pondweed plantsPondweed plants harvested and being prepared for shipping.

The plants are shipped immediately after harvest to ensure viability and quality.  Multiple shipping options are available depending on your needs.  Please call one of our sales representatives at 574.586.2412 or email us at for pricing and availability.