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New Cardno Native Plant Nursery Resource Catalog!

Dec 17, 2018
As we enter our 25th anniversary in 2019, we are proud to announce the upcoming release of the updated Cardno Native Plant Nursery Resource Catalog!

Our 2019 edition features several upgrades including:

  • Redesigned standard seed mixes. The revisions offer more diverse and robust seed mixes for your restoration projects. Almost all of the new mixes contain more seeds per square foot – and better performing species for the given habitats – than our previous mixes.
  • Slightly revised nomenclature on some species. We are emulating the current and standard nomenclature from the recently published Flora of the Chicago Region by Wilhelm & Rericha.
  • Details on our new Monarch Prairie kits, tailored for educators with everything they and their students need, including lesson plans and materials, to plant and learn from an outdoor lab at their school. More details on page 3.
  • Customized seed packets based on each region’s native habitat. We’ve seen an increase in market demand for these giveaways that make for great promotions and conversationstarters at tradeshows and conferences. Learn more on page 30.

As always, our catalog and resource guide contains useful information on hundreds of Upper Midwest native plant species, tips on design, planting, habitat establishment and maintenance strategies, as well as our professional restoration services.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new catalog and find the resource guide to be a useful tool as you move your unique projects forward. Contact us if we can help with any plant or seed needs for the 2019 season.