About the Nursery

About the Nursery

Since 1994 Cardno has operated a full-service native plant and seed nursery in Walkerton, Indiana. This 130-acre operation—which has nearly 30 acres specifically in wetland plant production—provides native seed and plant material and natural bioengineering solutions for restoration and native landscape projects across the U.S.

Over the years the nursery has grown continuously in size and depth while continuing to focus on native species. In the last few years we have:

  • Added more native species and genotype-specific plant and seed
  • Expanded our restoration products to include live stakes, fascines, liners, and gallon stock
  • Developed innovative, custom bioengineering materials to offer additional restoration options, including pre-vegetated coir products
  • Provided custom contract growing, seed collection, and plant and seed amplification services, all of which can ensure the materials and necessary genotype are available for your project.

Our commitment to innovation allows us to make continual operational improvements and use technological advancements to keep our nursery at the forefront in meeting our clients’ native restoration needs.

To create a successful native landscape or restoration project, it is critical to design, specify, install, and maintain native landscapes with plants most suited to the local environment, so that they become well established and flourish. To achieve a resilient, sustainable, and complex native landscape, the interaction among a site’s climate, topography, soils, hydrology, and vegetation needs to be understood. To support ecologically sound ecological restoration efforts, we have created an extensive Resource Catalog to provide information about native restoration and serve as a reference tool. We offer the Resource Catalog free of charge. Please view our online catalog or request a printed copy.

Using Cardno’s high quality native plants and seed, along with quality design and installation, will provide you with the value-added tools needed to achieve project success.

Cardno Native Plant Nursery At-a-Glance

Native Species in Stock 355
Total Area in Seed Production 130 acres
Acreage in Wetland Production 30 acres
Greenhouse Capacity- onsite
24,000 sq. ft.
Greenhouse Capacity- offsite
50,000 sq ft.
Refrigerated Seed Storage Capacity 2,200 sq. ft.

Invasive-Free Grow Native Business Certification

grow-native-logo-gold-checkmarkThe Cardno Native Plant Nursery is proud to announce our recent certification as an Invasive-Free Grow Native business by the Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society. This certifies that our 350+ species we offer are native to Indiana and none of them are on the Indiana invasive plants list from the Indiana Invasive Species Council.